Wednesday, September 24, 2008


SPX is almost here!!! I'm very excited! I love this show more than any else. I'll be at table B1-2 with Michele Chidester, David Yoder, Drew Weing, and hopefully others! We'll be right around the corner (and across the aisle) from Oni, and right next to some fellow SCAD students Falynn Koch and Pranus Navjokaitis!
I will have the same offerings that I had at MoCCA -- The Ride Home, Tales of Unusual Circumstance, and the Cavemen in Space mini-comic. Debuting at the show is....

The Elephano Anthology!!! You may have heard about this book last year when David Yoder (who partially conceived this project, and is the head dude over the thing) was dashing around like a madman inviting contributors and spreading the word... Well, the book is scheduled to be out and available at the show! From what I've seen this book is gonna be pretty awesome...I don't have a full list of cartoonists in the book, but I can throw a few out there: David Yoder, Joey Weiser (me!), Jason Rainey, Douglas Frey, JP Coovert!

So yeah, I have a new story in that, based off of my own personal experience working in a magic shop while I was in Savannah... Come by the table and say "hi!"


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