Friday, March 21, 2008

Cavemen in Space!

FLUKE is next month, and I'll be there! Of course, I will have copies of The Ride Home and Tales of Unusual Circumstance for sale. Unfortunately, the Tales book pretty much makes it pointless to reprint my old minis, so those will no longer be for sale. This sort of clashes with the fact that FLUKE is a mini-comics show, but I have some news that might make up for it...

Debuting at this wonderful little show will be my Cavemen in Space mini-comic! The CiS mini is a full-color 12 page comic that gives an introduction to my next graphic novel of the same name! This story will not be in the graphic novel, but serves as an introduction to the characters and motifs that will appear in the final book. This mini will be exclusively sold at the conventions that I visit this year. It is not available for mail order, and whether or not I will continue to bring it with me to conventions post-SPX '08 is yet to be determined!

If that doesn't get your collectors' fires burning, there is one more fun little tidbit! I am a child of the 90's after all, so I'm somewhat tickled to announce that the Cavemen in Space mini will have 3 variant covers:

Cover A - All Star Chart (front & back)

Cover B - All SPACE (front & back)

Cover C - Mixed (SPACE front & Star Chart back)

Exciting, eh? The inside content is the same, so I don't recommend buying all 3. However, I think the choice makes it a bit more fun!


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