Sunday, November 16, 2008

Comics Art Forum on Seqalab

For those of you who couldn't attend the Comics Art Forum at SCAD, you can still hear the panel discussion from the first night! It was recorded and has been broadcast as Episode 51 of the Seqalab podcast. It was a pretty interesting discussion, primarily focusing on how to "make it" as a cartoonist. Can you pick my voice out?

And speaking of Seqalab, I was also mentioned a couple of times on Episode 50! Thanks guys! Kevin first describes a bit about how the workshop I held went, and later I'm brought up in a discussion about being able to come out with material on a frequent basis for people who attend conventions and want to be able to buy something new from you each time. In my defense, though, I feel I should mention that Tales of Unusual Circumstance and my Cavemen in Space mini were both published early this year, and debuted at FLUKE, over the summer my "Timecat" story was published in Flight Vol. 5, and then at SPX a story of mine appeared in the Elephano anthology. So I may not have had a new mini each at each show this year, but I did have a relatively steady flow of work out there.


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