Friday, September 11, 2009

SPX 2009

Let's talk about SPX for a second, shall we? Well, September 26-27, my favorite convention will be held in Bethesda, Maryland!

I will be at tables A3A-A4 along with Eleanor Davis, Drew Weing, David Yoder, Adam Aylard, Kevin Burkhalter, and David Mack! Not only that, but we'll be right next to Brett Muller and Pranas Naujokaitis, just around the corner from Oni Press, and across the aisle from some cool folks including Kate Beaton, John Campbell, and David Malki !, so come by our area and get immersed in comic-awesomeness!

At SPX, I will have copies on hand of The Ride Home, Tales of Unusual Circumstance, and The Late-Night Gang. I will also have my Kaiju Life postcards and FLUKE posters. Somehow I'll cram it all into my portion of table! Also, I'll have two anthology contributions debuting at the show!
I have a Lemmings story, "Follow the Leader" in Life Meter 3! This is exciting because I've been wanting to contribute to LM for some time now. Volume 3 has a great contributor's list, and the profits will be donated to charity. So, pick up the book (I'm assuming it'll be with Dave Roman at tables H7-H8)!
Also, a brand new Late-Night Gang story, "Trick or Treat!" will be appearing in Subterranean 2, the great mini-comics anthology by Danger Park. This gem will be at table C12! Pick it up if you like good stuff!


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