Thursday, March 11, 2010

Avoid the Future Interview

European comics blog, Avoid the Future, has interviewed me about Cavemen in Space, Mermin, my unhealthy obsession with Akira Toriyama, amongst other things! Here's what they say:

Joey Weiser
, creator of The Ride Home and Monster Isle recently spoke to us about his upcoming graphic novel Cavemen in Space. Best known for creating characters as varied as Van Gnomes, Sewer Dragons, Sarcastic Kaiju and ineffective Superheroes, we were definitely expecting our interview with him to be fun, and we certainly weren't disappointed. Read on to read Mr Weiser's thoughts about his new book, the process of self-funding a project, his appreciation for Akira Toriyama, giant monsters, the oft-unexpressed creative benefits of serialised comics and the pitfalls of the "all ages" label in American comic books. Enjoy!

It was a fun interview. Take a look when you have a moment!


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