Monday, April 7, 2008

Also at FLUKE...

FLUKE is almost here! As a reminder, I will have The Ride Home ($9), Tales of Unusual Circumstance ($10), and the Cavemen in Space mini ($4) for sale.

Sharing a table with me will be the lovely Michele Chidester! Michele contributed to the totally awesome FLUKE #7, and last year her Invention minis were a hit! Well, she's stepped it up a notch this year with her new incredible book, Cacophony!

Here's Michele enjoying her new creations!

These books are an amazing conglomeration of paintings, drawings, and photos, all bound together on multi-colored felts! It's a sight to behold. The time and labor-intensive process it took to make these things makes the $12 price tag a modest fee. Not to mention their sheer size! These things are bricks! Check it out:

This is an extremely limited edition of 13, and no two copies are the same! So get 'em while you can!

Also at our table will be the journal comics of David Yoder, who will unfortunately be missing FLUKE to visit the Center for Cartoon Studies, where he will be attending for the next two years. David Yoder's Awesome Journal minis are $2 each, or you can get a full set of 10 for $10!


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