Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Guest Artist @ Partyka

I am pleased and proud to announce that during the month of April, I will be the Partyka guest artist! For those that don't know, Partyka is a collective of excellent artists including Shawn Cheng, Matt Wiegle, and John Mejias! I highly recommend you check out there stuff, and consider buying some of their top notch mini-comics (The Monkey & The Crab and The Four Husbands are particular favorites of mine) and other products!

Anyway, they do daily drawings on their front page, and each month they feature a different guest artists. Past guests includes great folks like Eleanor Davis, Chris Wright, and Dustin Harbin! The series of illustrations I did for the site is called "Kaiju Life" and the entire set can be viewed at my guest page. I had a lot of fun with these drawings, and tried to tackle some slightly (and sometimes not-so-slightly) different coloring techniques with each one. Every four days you can check back to see one of mine featured. However, if I were you I'd check back on a regular basis to see what Shawn, Matt, and John are up to as well! Enjoy!


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