Monday, March 22, 2010

Mermin Issue 1 Shipping!

The other big thing this weekend, as some of you may have noticed I got excited about on Twitter, is that the full-color stickers for the Mermin mini-comics covers arrived, and they look great! So, everything's printed, stickers are good to go, and assembling/stapling/cutting is in progress.

The big news today, though, is that this means that Mermin 1 is now shipping! Today all of the issues purchased by CiS Fund donors are going out, so they should expect to see those soon. At the moment Mermin 1 is ONLY available for purchase via the fundraiser. They will not go on sale individually until sometime after they debut at FLUKE on April 17th. And CiS Fund donors also have the option to subscribe to future issues! If you want your Mermin now, the Fund is the way to go...


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