Monday, April 5, 2010

Fundraiser Ends Tonight!

As I write this, the Cavemen in Space Fundraiser has reached 91% of it's goal! This is very exciting, but I want to remind everyone that the fundraiser ends TONIGHT! That's right, I have set the official cut-off time at 12am PST in order to give maximum donating time for our friends on the west coast.

That's only $293 left to raise in about 17 and a half hours! That's only about $17 an hour (if I'm doing my math correctly...). Even if I don't reach my goal, I am extremely happy with how this has gone. The book is being printed (in only a few weeks!) either way, but this is much less of a financial burden on me. I really appreciate the support I've received and I'm very happy that this has made printing my second graphic novel a reality.

I'm also pleased that it's given me a chance to connect directly with fans and reconnect with family and friends who have shown their support. I am so happy to send out each reward knowing that these people will read Cavemen in Space or Mermin or enjoy a piece of my artwork, etc.

Well, there's only hours left! If you've been meaning to donate, this is your last chance! Take another look at the rewards and think about what you'd like to arrive at your doorstep. And there is still 1 mammoth left for a donor willing to give $150 or more! Thanks again!


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