Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FCBD Break-In

I just wanted to make a note that on Free Comic Book Day (Saturday, May 1) our house was robbed and amongst the items stolen was my computer. This has been a major set-back, but Michele and I are recovering. There are a lot of posts about this on my Twitter and Facebook, but basically, we had a decent amount of stuff backed up, but not everything, and I lost all of my emails which were saved on my computer and deleted off of the web.

The main reason why I want to write about this here is just to let people know that one thing that was lost was my spreadsheet with with of the Cavemen in Space donor info. Thankfully Paypal has record of all of the donations made through it, so I can recreate most of it. But please, if you made a donation via another payment method than Paypal, or we had a conversation over email regarding your rewards or mailing address, LET ME KNOW. Email me at joey@tragic-planet.com whenever you can. And, please, if you feel like a specific reward should have been shipped to you and a few weeks have gone by without you seeing it, feel free to shoot me an email as well. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Speaking of which, Cavemen in Space should be in stores tomorrow (more on that later), and Mermin Issue 2 was printed shortly before the Toronto Comics Art Festival this past weekend. I'll try to put together my new mailing list by the end of this weekend, and those books will be shipped sometime next week! Sorry that donors won't be receiving CiS before it hits stores, but I haven't even gotten my copies yet (they're supposed to arrive today).


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