Friday, March 25, 2011

Drawn for Them ♥ Japan

I have contributed to a new project called Drawn for Them ♥ Japan. Here's how they describe themselves:
Drawn for Them ♥ Japan combines creativity with compassion by delivering a forum for the artistic to show their support to the nation of Japan in 2011 and beyond.
It is my understanding that soon they will be selling prints and some original art to raise money for the victims of the earthquake, but for now we are just sharing artwork to show our support for those in need. Keep an eye on them for more art in the next couple weeks, and consider contributing some of your own!

My piece is from a photo I took in 2000, when I was in Japan on a month-long exchange in high school. We spent most of our time in Tokyo, attending Obirin High School, and visiting Kyoto at the end of our trip. Our hosts were very gracious, and although it was a short trip 10 years ago, I feel very close to Japan when I think back to that time.


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