Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday Special! Mermin 4-Pack!

I made some changes to my online store with the upcoming holidays in mind!

First of all, I have added a Mermin 4-Pack, which offers the first 4 issues of Mermin, in one easy shipment to cut down on shipping costs! It's perfect if you've been considering getting on board with my new series, or if you know someone who it would make a great gift for!

Secondly, I've made a super special holiday offer! Starting today, November 26 through December 20, any orders for $9 or more (before shipping) will receive a FREE ink drawing! I will draw anything you'd like, or surprise you if you'd like! Please leave any requests regarding the subject of the drawing in your Paypal note.

Now would be a perfect time for you to pick up a book of mine that you or someone you know might be interested in. I'm getting more and more feedback from parents and kids about younger readers really enjoying Mermin, so maybe you know a kid (or kid-at-heart) who would enjoy it as a gift!


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