Monday, December 6, 2010

Mermin 4 Reviews and FREE ART

Some new Mermin reviews have popped up in the past week!

The Daily Cross Hatch reviewed Mermin 1-4, with a fair look at the series as a whole (although I'd argue that while my "target audience" is definitely young, there are those who are "young at heart" who enjoy Mermin quite a bit):
It’s the sort of story that makes you wish something similar might have existed—and had been easily located—when you were amongst Weiser’s target demographic.
And Panel Patter has reviewed Mermin issue 4. He remains positive about the series, enjoying it in the ongoing format:
For a person who mostly writes in full-book form, I think Weiser captures the magic of an ongoing series well.
Mermin 1-4 are on sale at my store! They are sold individually, as well as an easy-to-order 4-Pack, which saves considerably on shipping! Two more weeks left of the Holiday Special where I'm offering FREE ART with orders of $9 or more! I've included two pictures from satisfied customers who have shared the free art I've done for them.


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