Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mermin 5 Recommendations

Since its release, Mermin Issue 5 has been mentioned a few places on the web. Here are a couple highlights:

J. Caleb Mozzocco finishes up his Mermin reviews by covering 4-5 and touching a bit on the series as a whole at Newsarama:
Like the previous issues, it remains an all-ages comic in the best sense of the term—an ideal story for kids, but with enough craft and skill in both rendering, design and story ideas to keep an adult fan of the comics medium thoroughly engaged.
And over at Robot 6, Tim O'Shea recommends Mermin 5 as well:
The first Mermin arc from Joey Weiser comes crashing (and I mean crashing in giant waves crashing) to an end with issue 5. It’s a heck of a finish that entertained my 11-year old son immensely (as well as myself).
You can buy Mermin 5 (as well as the past issues) at my online store!


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