Monday, June 18, 2012

Heroes Con 2012 + SpongeBob Comics #9

Next weekend, June 22-24, is HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC!  I'll be there in Indie Island at table AA-443!  Above is a little map I've cooked up with some notable landmarks to help you find me.  Hope it helps!

I will have my new mini-comic, Mermin Theatre, as well as the last remaining copies of Monster Isle: Lookin' Cool!  Of course, I'll also have my two graphic novels The Ride Home and Cavemen in Space.  I've still got some copies of Mermin #4, so you collectors out there, or anyone interested in getting a preview of the upcoming Mermin graphic novel, might want to snag that up.

HeroesCon is the only show that I attend on a regular basis where I sell original ink drawings!  Same as last year, I'll be selling ink drawings for $10 a piece.  This week I'm working on a few pencil drawings to ink at the show, but I'm also going to be doing on-the-spot drawings of any characters you request!  If you would like to commission a piece for me to do beforehand and arrange to pick it up at the show, just send me an email!  On top of the Frog Thors and Omega Reds that I'll be drawing at the show, I'm also bringing the AlphaBeasts Kaijuphabet originals to sell at the show.  Since a little more work went into these, lettering and whatnot, I'll be selling those for $15 each.

Keep an eye on my Twitter or Facebook for previews of art that I'm bringing to the show as well as photos of art and costumes and stuff during the show weekend!

Finally, I'd like to note that SpongeBob Comics #9 is in stores now, and features 3 one-page gags written by me and drawn by the great Graham Annable!  These dudes keep pairing me with such awesome artists, it's really exciting to see my work come out every few issues.  I should have some copies of this and a couple other SpongeBob issues at Heroes if you'd like to check 'em out!


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