Monday, September 2, 2013

BEZOAR 2 Debuting at SPX

The Small Press Expo, a.k.a. SPX, is right around the corner, Sept. 14-15, and I'll be there!  I'll be at tables M3-4 with Adam Aylard, David Yoder, and Drew Weing.  I'll have the usual mini-comics and graphic novels, including Mermin Book 1 and Explictica which both came out this year and are new for the show.

Debuting at the show is Bezoar 2!  Here's the info about the book:
BEZOAR 2 is the sequel to the monstrous mini-comic anthology out of Athens, GA that debuted at SPX in 2012.  This issue contains stories by Patrick Dean, Drew Weing, Michele Chidester, David Mack, Joey Weiser, and Lee Gatlin.  The cover features 8 sticker-masks uniquely arranged on each copy!

Within BEZOAR 2 you’ll read monster stories ranging from creepy to hilarious.  Bizarre monster curses, grotesque monster trains, devious monster pranks, and more!  Pick this up at table M3-4!
Bezoar was created by David Mack, and he edited the first issue.  I edited this issue and illustrated the cover!  The first Bezoar was super good and the new one turned out really great as well, so I'm excited to share it with everyone!  After SPX, Bezoar 2 will be for sale (like the first issue) on the Little House store, as well as being stocked in some stores like Athens' Bizarro Wuxtry!

Credits Page by Eleanor Davis

From "The Beasts of Drefus Manor" by Patrick Dean
From "Old Tracks" by David Mack
From "Van Helsing" by Lee Gatlin


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