Thursday, May 30, 2013

Explictica + HeroesCon 2013

HeroesCon is close!  It is next weekend, June 7-9, and I will be there in Indie Island.  The tables have been assigned, and it looks like I'll be at 1130 between Top Shelf and Wide Awake Press!  AdHouse Books and FLUKE will be near by as well!  Take a look at the map:
I have a new zine called Explictica debuting at the show this year!  Explictica is a collection of Dungeons & Dragons sketches and stuff by Michele Chidester, Eleanor Davis, Scott Dryman, David Mack, Robert Newsome, Dominic Sevieri, Drew Weing, and me!  All based actual games we've played together!

Explictica is 24 pages, with 4 color pages, and the cover is printed on graph paper.  Check out some examples!
Explictica will be at my table as well as the FLUKE table, where Robert will be.  I'll also have my books Mermin, The Ride Home, Cavemen in Space, my other minis Mermin Theatre, Kaijuphabet, Bezoar, and Monster Isle, as well as some SpongeBob Comics issues that I've contributed to, and original art for sale!  See my previous post for more about the art.  See you there!


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