Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Merming Book 1 and Free Comic Book Day Previews

I've updated the Comics section of my site to link to previews for Mermin Book 1 and the upcoming Mermin Free Comic Book Day story!  There are a couple previews floating around on the web for both of these, but for one reason or another the colors are not reproduced well, so I wanted to post some previews of my own!

The Mermin Book 1 preview features the first 14 pages.  If you've only seen the Mermin mini-comics, please take a look.  You can see the pages in color, and already in that first little chunk you can see some changes I've made from the original issues.  Mermin Book 1: Out of Water came out at the end of February and is available at your local store or online retailer!

The Mermin Free Comic Book Day story is totally new for all readers!  You can see Mermin and his human classmates exploring the zoo a bit.  Oni Press's Rated FREE For Everyone!! will be in comic shops all around the country on Free Comic Book Day - May 4, 2013.  Go out and get a copy, it's free!


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