Wednesday, July 10, 2013

SpongeBob Comics #22

SpongeBob Comics #22 is in stores today!  I wrote THREE comics in this issue and designed the cover!  This issue features my first 10-page SpongeBob comic, "Bubble Double Trouble," in which SpongeBob and Patrick create bubble clones of themselves.  That story is drawn by Gregg Schigiel, and he did a wonderful job.  The coloring by Rick Neilsen is especially noteworthy,  because he made the Bubble Doubles in the story look really great!  Thanks guys!

I also wrote the 2-page "Brush Strokes," drawn by Stephen DeStefano, who always knocks my stories out of the park.  And finally, the last page is a comic called "Cool Guys" which is written, drawn, and colored by me!

This issue is super solid and contains gorgeous comics by Bob Flynn and Maris Wicks as well!  If you've been curious about my work for SpongeBob Comics, I think this would be a great issue to check out.  The preview for next month's issue on the back page shows another cover I designed, and it will also contain a 10-page story I wrote!


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