Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Reviews

The reviews are starting to come in for Cavemen in Space and Mermin! Lets take a look, shall we?

The AV Club gave Cavemen in Space an A- !
Cavemen In Space has a level of subtle sophistication that readers of any age can latch onto, which was clearly Weiser’s intent. It’s the type of rollicking, genre-happy blast of craft and imagination that comic books were made to deliver…
Meanwhile, Chris Reilly over at The Comics Journal's Guttergeek column wrote a Cavemen in Space review followed by an interview!
Cavemen in Space is great. I really liked everything about it and I think you owe it to yourself to read it.
Mermin issues 1 and 2 got some love from Comics Related!
He presents a story that has a very approachable feel, but also encompasses some really solid art and environments. There are scenes within the series that are really quite beautiful, yet hold to the overall feel of the series.
These have been great reviews following Cavemen in Space and Mermin's releases, and after the first reviews from Avoid the Future (which you might want to check out just in case you missed them). I look forward to seeing more!

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