Wednesday, May 4, 2011

FCBD Signing + Illustration Update

This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day! I'll be at Criminal Records doing FREE sketches and selling my books and mini-comics. My comics aren't free, but you'll be able to pick up plenty of free comics, here are what will be available that day. Last year Criminal had a really good selection, so I'd expect to see most of these titles available.

Also, you might be interested in seeing some illustrations that I posted on my LiveJournal. These days I mostly just repost all my news on LJ, and don't really use it otherwise, but it's a good way to share a ton of images like this. I've been doing illustration work for a print-on-demand publisher for about two years, and these are the most recent batch. There's a crazed meatball, sock-loving puffballs, a spotless ladybug, and all sorts of stuff to look at!


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