Friday, October 5, 2012

Mermin Full Color Hardcover Coming From Oni Press!

Not Final Cover

In the current issue of the Previews comics retail catalog, there is a solicitation for something that might look familiar to you!

Click for a closer look!

That's right! In February 2013, the first Mermin graphic novel will be hitting comic stores from Oni Press! Here's the blurb:
"MERMIN the MERMAN from MER!?" That's the question Pete and his friends ask after finding the fish-boy washed up on the beach! Mermin just escaped the undersea kingdom of Mer, and is ready to have some fun on dry land! But why would this aquatic kid be afraid to swim? Perhaps it has something to do with the fishy pursuers who have followed him from the depths below!

You may also notice in that solicitation that Mermin Volume 1: Out of Water is listed as hardcover and full color! Yes, I'm very excited to announce that Oni will be publishing the books in color. I did all the coloring myself and have also worked hard to make this volume as good as possible. Mermin Vol. 1 will be the story that was within issues 1-5 of the mini-comics, but I have added additional scenes and reworked a few of the pages. Not only does that mean that there will be new material for those who have read the minis, but I think the story is improved as well.

So please go out and let your local comic shops know that you'd like a copy of Mermin! The book is also listed on booksellers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

A couple other quick notes -

I mentioned on the blog for Monster Isle that I am taking a short break from the strip. This is to work on Mermin Volume 2 and some other work like SpongeBob Comics that you'll see next year. I apologize for those of you who read Monster Isle every week, but I promise to make it as short of a break as possible.

And finally, the mini-comic anthology Bezoar that I contributed a story to is now available for purchase at the Little House store. I highly recommend this book, so head on over there and pick up a copy!


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