Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mermin Update + SpongeBob Comics #14

Mermin Book One: Out of Water is on its way!  I've been told that the book is off to the printers and everything is in place to have it in stores by late February.  In fact, the first review of the book was posted this week by Publishers Weekly!  The cover they used is one of two early mock-ups we had for early press and solicitation which have been floating around the internet.  The real cover is pictured above!  Below you can take a look at the uncropped, logo-less art.  I ended up drawing a lot of fish that get cut out or covered with text, but sometimes that's how it goes with art, folks!

Click for a closer look!

Also, last month SpongeBob Comics #14 came out, which features a back cover written by me and drawn by Vanessa Davis!  Here's a great shot where you can take a peek at the comic on Davis's blog.  It's a Plankton take-over issue, and it's a lot of fun.  I love how Vanessa interpreted my draft!


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