Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rated FREE For Everyone!!

Every year, comic book stores celebrate Free Comic Book Day, a day in which publishers put out special free issues!  As announced on the FCBD website, in 2013 Oni Press is giving away an all-ages book, Rated FREE For Everyone!! This comic will be a split issue featuring new Mermin and Chris Schweizer's Crogan Adventure comics!  Chris and I did two jam covers -- you can see one above and the other in a recent Tweet from Chris
Oni Press: Rated Free for Everyone returns for 2013! Featuring two stories by two incredibly talented creators, a new Crogan's Adventure by Chris Schweizer, and an introduction to Mermin, a new story by Joey Weiser! In the Mermin Adventure, Mermin goes with Pete and his human classmates to the zoo. And in the Crogan's Adventure, you'll get an epilogue to the story of one of the brothers from Crogan's Loyalty.
Keep an eye out for this May 4th 2013, and get some free comics!


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