Friday, March 29, 2013

FLUKE + More Mermin Reviews

FLUKE, the best little comics show around is next weekend!  If you're in the Athens, GA area on April 6th, I highly recommend checking it out!  They fill the 40 Watt to the brim with cartoonists bringing their hand-made goods and small press publications.  It's always awesome, and I'm psyched as always this year to participate!  They've got a list of exhibitors posted on their site which ranges from the usual amazing locals like Eleanor Davis, Drew Weing, David Mack, Michele Chidester, and Patrick Dean to returning champion David Yoder and first-timer great Box Brown (who designed the poster this year!)

I will have brand-new copies of Mermin Book One: Out of Water for sale, as well as Mermin Theatre, Kaijuphabet, and Monster Isle mini-comics and my other graphic novels, The Ride Home and Cavemen in Space.  Also, we just printed up more copies of Bezoar #1, which I have a short story in alongside the incredibly talented pool of Athens cartoonists.  If you missed it the first time around, now's your chance to get a copy!

More Mermin reviews are continuing to trickle in.  I'm seeing nice ones pop up from libraries and stuff which is really cool.  There have been recent reviews from Is it Right For Kids? as well as The Provo Library Children's Book Review. The Diamond Bookshelf posted a good review.

Weiser deftly blends the humor of Mermin's unbridled excitement and occasional misunderstanding of human customs with rollicking adventure, particularly when the mercenaries sent to retrieve Mermin show up.
Forbidden Planet International also recently posted a Mermin Vine if you'd like to see the book in motion!


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