Monday, August 16, 2010


It was great to see reviews for both Cavemen in Space and Mermin in the most recent issue of Giant Robot! GR's interpretation of the material is interesting, and the reviews are very nice. Mermin 1 & 2 are mentioned in the "Book Collector" section (pg. 17) where they call it, "a silly story with meanings" and refer to my artwork as, "perfectly suited for this well-developed world." Cavemen in Space is reviewed in the "Comics" section (pg. 59) refering to the book as a "highly ambitious yet somewhat raw graphic novel" that "left [the reviewer] thinking."

Giant Robot is a fantastic magazine that I've enjoyed since originally stumbling across a copy in high school, and I highly recommend seeking it out in stores, or even subscribing. I've often had luck finding it at Borders or finer book shops with good magazine selection. This particular issue (No. 66) features a lengthy interview with Bryan Lee O'Malley about his graphic novel series, Scott Pilgrim, which I know many of you reading this would be interested in reading!

Both Cavemen in Space and Mermin are available for purchase through my online store! Mermin 3 has been sent to subscribers this week, and will be available for purchase online after the issue "debuts" at SPX Sept. 11-12!


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