Tuesday, September 7, 2010

SPX 2010

This weekend, Sept. 11-12, is the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland! I'll be there, at table's H1-2, as illustrated by tablemate David Yoder. We're right by the entrance, next to Tugboat Press, across from Top Shelf -- You'll find us! I'll be sharing the table with David, as well as Drew Weing, Michele Chidester, Adam Aylard, Kevin Burkhalter, and the minis of David Mack (who unfortunately can't make it this year)! Drew will be promoting his new book, Set to Sea, and Michele will have THREE (3) copies of a new, hard-bound mini-comic, Reassurance. You definitely want to check those out. Not sure exactly what everyone else will have, but it's all gonna be great! Our table is not to be missed!

How about me? Well, I will have plenty of copies of my new graphic novel, Cavemen in Space. If you've been waiting to pick this up, now is the time! I'll be there to sign and doodle one of the many cast members in your copy. Debuting at SPX, is Mermin issue 3! I'll have the first two issues there as well, so you can get caught up if you aren't on board yet. I'll also have The Ride Home and Tales of Unusual Circumstance, and I think I'm going to bring what's left of my Kaiju Life postcard set, but I may not put those out depending on how much space we've got at our table. If you're curious about any of these items (or can't make it to the show) you can check them out at my online store. Mermin 3 will be available for purchase online sometime after SPX.

Just in time for SPX, there is a new review of Mermin issues 1-3 over at Panel Patter!
Rob has some very nice things to say, and (without giving too much away) it's good to see someone not taking Mermin at his word about his life underwater...
I'm not sure what happens next, but I'm definitely looking forward to the next installment. Mermin is a delightful series that uses the mini-comic format to good effect in this multi-part drama. I can't wait to find out where Weiser goes with his little green fish-man, and I hope the story continues on for a lot more issues to come.
And Tim O'Shea mentioned Mermin 3 as well at the Robot 6 blog. It's great to hear about kids enjoying the series!
So really, it’s only a review copy for a short while, then it becomes my son’s coveted copy. The only other comic that makes his eyes light up and react like that is Langridge’s Muppet Show. Mermin‘s storyline (a fish-boy washes up on the beach and is befriended by three kids) has hooked my son (as well as myself).
So, if you can make it to SPX, please stop on by tables H1-2! There will be plenty to look at!


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