Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mermin 4 Coming Soon, Portraid-Dex is Awesome

First bit of news I'd like to cover is that I've put up a cover and info about the next issue of Mermin at my store. Issue 4 will be printed on a variety of white and gray cover stocks. Trust me, I've got some good white paper and it'll look great. Take a look, and maybe now is a good time to get caught up on Mermin if you don't have issues 1-3! The first story arc ends with issue 5, so things are heating up!

Regarding the store, I have lowered the shipping prices a bit on just about everything. It may still get a little high in terms of ordering several items at once. If you have any questions regarding shipping, feel free to email me and we can work something out!
Next, have you heard of a new site called Portrait-Dex? It was started by the fabulous Steve Wolfhard whose comic Cat Rackham is totally great. Check it out if you haven't seen it before. But back to Portrait-Dex -- It's a collection of cartoonists drawing self-portraits as Pokemon! It's basically my favorite thing on the internet, and I think even if you don't really know about or even care for Pokemon, it would be fun to see how all these creators portray themselves. And it's a cool resource to find new cartoonists who you may not have been aware of! My Pokemon, Wyzer, is number 12 and can be seen right here!


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